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Simon Davies

Simon Davies Resulting SAP Consultant Experienced

Principal Consultant

Simon has spent the last 20 years consulting, advising, and delivering in a variety of business facing SAP roles.

With a background in operations management he moved into consulting after implementing SAP as a client in the late 90s. Since then his focus has been on designing: SAP CoEs; Business Process Support functions; and establishing Networks of Excellence. In the past 5 years, honing in on helping businesses prepare for 'go live', driving user adoption and even some continuous improvement.

Career in bullets

  • Principal Consultant - Resulting IT
  • Business Adoption and Change Consultant - Manufacturing Industry
  • Head of SAP - Public Sector, Central Government
  • Independent Consultant 7 years
  • CoE Design Consultant - Banking, FMCG, Local Government
  • Head of SAP CoE - Retail Sector
  • Operations Manager - Retail Sector
  • Operations Manager - Manufacturing


  • Running a plant-based business with his wife Wendy, educating and training people in becoming healthier through cooking and eating more veg - how cool is that?
  • Holds a Doctorate of Business Administration - the development of Trust relations between members of a client and multi-partner team engaged in an SAP implementation.