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Seng Ng

Seng Ng Data Engineer

Data Engineer

Seng worked in banking for over 8 years, and since decided to have a change in career as a Software Developer specialising in Data. On completion of a 3 month programming course at Code Nation he joined Resulting IT to work as a Junior Data Engineer. Seng is responsible for managing all tasks relating to Data and integrating Data with Frontend UI.

Career in bullets

  • Data Engineer - Resulting IT
  • Completed a programming bootcamp - Code Nation
  • SME(Subject Matter Expert) - Financial Services


  • Completed Langdale 10 Peak Challenge to raise money for the charity Mummy’s Star
  • MSc in Engineering with Management at Manchester Metropolitan University
  • BSc in Maths and Physics at the University of Manchester
  • Creates and maintains a Chrome Extension for data curation
  • Climbed some of the best mountains in UK