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SAP Programme Healthcheck

Research shows that 50%
of SAP Projects fail.

If you're about to embark on an SAP or S/4 HANA programme - or maybe you're already live and feel that there's room for improvement, the SAP Programme Healthcheck is designed for you.

It's a completely FREE self-assessment that enables you to benchmark your SAP projects against the 15 SAP Success Levers identified in our SAP Success Research report.

15 minute online healthcheck

There are a wide number of personas working on SAP projects

SAP Project Performance - how does your view compare?

Once you have your personal score, invite your colleagues to take the assessment - the more of your colleagues complete the survey, the more rounded your SAP healthcheck will be.

Because the SAP Programme Healthcheck automatically collates everyone's responses, you get to see how your views compare with your overall company average.

We'll even show you how different roles within your SAP team score the same topics, meaning you'll quickly identify points of contention that you can to double-down on - without confrontation or emotion.

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5 Decisive Decisions for SAP Success - Case Study