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ERP Vendor Selection

What's more critical,
your choice of ERP
or Systems Integrator?

Selecting an ERP implementation partner is one of the biggest decisions a CIO can make.

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Resulting in better ERP Systems Integrator selection

Resulting SI selection advisory helps you to navigate the complexity and reduces your risk of making a bad vendor selection decision.

  • Support ERP requirements definition (e.g. RFI, RFP)
  • Run vendor evaluation and selection sessions
  • Facilitate vendor workshops (e.g. clean rooms)
  • Support commercial and contract negotiations
  • Benchmark vendor performance and commercials
  • Hold vendors accountable after selection
Independent support selecting SAP SI

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5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP Centre of Excellence

If you run SAP you've probably invested millions in your solution.

But business benefits rarely materialise at go-live. It takes time and effort to really make your SAP solution sing. And that's where a good SAP Centre of Excellence comes in.

  • Find out what a Centre of Excellence is and why you really need one.
  • Learn the 5 Big Mistakes people always make when setting up their SAP CoE that serve to undermine business performance.
  • 46 pages of insight and experience that will enable you to improve your chances of SAP success
5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP Centre of Excellence