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SAP Staff Augmentation

Expertise is everything
on an SAP project.

Trouble is, real experts are thin on the ground.

Refreshing alternative to SAP Systems Integrators & Contractors

With SAP recruiters, your only contact is through timesheets or sales calls.  SIs are expensive and concerned with making themselves sticky, breeding like cockroaches around your water coolers.

Resulting's model is a little different...

  • Former Big 4 consultants at a fraction of the cost.
  • Experienced, professionals  are aligned with your goals.
  • Flexibility of interim resource (e.g. retainer or part-time).
  • Business-Side focus with true commitment to your cause.
  • No pushy SAP recruiter sales calls.
  • None of the bull-shit or politics that come with big SIs.

Which is why both clients and consultants choose to work with us time and again.

Statement of Work SAP IR35 Model

I'm interested in talking about this.

5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP Centre of Excellence

If you run SAP you've probably invested millions in your solution.

But business benefits rarely materialise at go-live. It takes time and effort to really make your SAP solution sing. And that's where a good SAP Centre of Excellence comes in.

  • Find out what a Centre of Excellence is and why you really need one.
  • Learn the 5 Big Mistakes people always make when setting up their SAP CoE that serve to undermine business performance.
  • 46 pages of insight and experience that will enable you to improve your chances of SAP success
5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP Centre of Excellence