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Rob Hamilton-Smith

Rob Hamilton-Smith Resulting IT AI Experienced Consultant

AI Product Lead

Rob has held technical and product roles in Data ecosystems over a 15 year period, spanning consultancy, software, financial services and management education. A decidedly non standard education from having to solve problems others couldn't, Rob has built a strong reputation for being the point of reference for building AI driven applications.

Career in bullets

  • AI Product Lead - Resulting IT
  • Founder - AI Industry
  • Head of Data Analytics - Financial Industry
  • Siebel Developer - Financial Industry
  • Siebel CRM Consultant Contractor
  • Siebel CRM Consultant - Consulting Industry


  • Retrained from CRM technologies into Machine Learning and AI when it was hard
  • Bootstrapped OrchardAI Sarl and built an Intelligent Data Platform
  • Designed, built and created a Swiss Mountain Bike Trail network and community
  • Climbed and skied the odd Swiss mountain or two