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The UK and Ireland SAP User Group (UKISUG) has over 4000 members registered across 500 companies in the UK and Ireland. Their aims are to facilitate networking, knowledge exchange and best practice amongst members and to provide an independent voice for SAP users in the UK and Ireland whilst providing a channel for SAP to communicate to customers.

They hold over 100 Events in all SAP related areas each year including one day Symposiums, Special Interest Group meeting (SIGs), a range of Webinars, and an Annual Conference, UKISUG Connect.

Resulting at UKISUG Connect 2018

At UKISUG Connect 2018 Resulting played a big part, using the event as an opportunity to continue our research programme with two speaking slots as well as an innovative take on a traditional research survey.

In the first speaking slot, Dr Derek Prior, former SAP research director at Gartner, lead a presentation and live research event with the goal of better understanding the SAP community’s opinions about that hottest of hot SAP topics - S/4HANA migration.

This research was used as the foundation for Resulting’s S/4HANA research report “Don’t migrate to S/4HANA without reading this research”. To get your copy of the report visit our SAP S/4HANA Research report page.

In the second speaking slot, Nick Coburn, Consulting Director at Resulting, lead a similar live research event about Vendor Selection.

As many SAP users will be thinking about embarking upon S/4HANA projects in the near future, Vendor Selection is becoming an increasingly important question to SAP users as they decide on who will be their SI for the biggest SAP project undertaken for a generation. In this research piece Nick looked to better understand what matters most to people when choosing a vendor, and if traditional Vendor Selection models still provide the best outcome for SAP customers. The findings of this research will be published in 2019.

Finally, attendees to UKISUG 2018 were invited to “Enter the Virtual Research Facility” by playing through a custom VR game we created in house that would take the player on a journey through their SAP future and beyond. In the game players were asked a unique set of questions based on their role in the SAP ecosystem, with their answers logged in our own graph database for future analysis.

Resulting Collaboration on the SAP Success SIG

As well as taking part in UKISUG Connect, Resulting were also pleased to present the first ever UKISUG SAP Success Special Interest Group.

Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) are events run by UKISUG to help SAP users get to grips with a certain aspect of SAP.

Following the acclaim of the SAP Success Report, Resulting were invited by UKISUG to work in conjunction with the SAP UK Quality Team to create and deliver the first ever SAP Success SIG.

The SAP Success SIG looked at the different things SAP Customers can do to increases their chances of succeeding on their SAP Projects, and looked to address the question of “what is SAP Success?”.

To find out more about how to be successful with SAP download the Resulting SAP Success Report.

Will You Survive The S/4HANA Skills Apocalypse? S/4HANA Skills Research


An estimated 40,000 companies must migrate to SAP S/4HANA before the 2025 end of support deadline for ECC. But will there be enough SAP skills to go around?

Find out in our SAP S/4HANA skills research.

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Will You Survive The S/4HANA Skills Apocalypse? S/4HANA Skills Research