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Kanban for Remote SAP Project Delivery

Kanban - the practical way to adopt Agile for SAP remote projects.

If you’re like most companies, you’re striving to be more Agile.  But how do you adopt Agile ways of working in a complex, integrated ERP environment like SAP?  

Truth is, Agile for SAP is really difficult - for lots or reasons.


Agile Delivery for SAP

Kanban for SAP

Agile Working for Remote SAP Delivery

Many of us have been forced into remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SAP teams found it hard to deliver projects with the luxury of face-to-face interaction. This new, enforced way of working adds an extra dimension of challenge and risk to an already difficult task.

Through our experience in IT and Business Process Outsourcing, We’ve worked in highly distributed delivery environments for 15+ years. Through our manufacturing backgrounds, we’ve been proponents of Kanban to drive visibility, prioritisation and progress.

In fact, Resulting is entirely run on a Kanban model.

Free Agile Diagnostic for SAP Projects

1 Hour Consultation with a Agile Expert

Assess whether your team and project is suitable for Kanban.

Assess whether your existing processes and tools support a Kanban model.


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Team Kanban Practitioner for SAP Delivery

A one day, remotely delivered session will help guide your key team members on 
core concepts of Kanban to accelerate your work and deliver more consistently as a team.

The virtual session will cover:

  • Understand core concepts of the Kanban Method
  • Learn the 3 Change Management Principles and the 6 General Practices of The Kanban Method.
  • Experience the benefit of WIP limits to improve flow
  • Design and implement a Kanban board
  • Learn the basics of visualising different types of work and associated risk.
  • Understanding the variety of Kanban board designs and styles
  • Selecting the Kanban board design that is best suited for your context
  • Understanding the value and benefits for each on the “alternative path to agility”
  • Building a higher level of quality through the use of Kanban
  • How to run daily Kanban meetings

Course Topics

  • Introduction and Survey
  • Lean Kanban interactive simulation
  • Using Kanban to address overburdening
  • Principles & Practices of the Kanban Method
  • Meanings of Kanban
  • Basic Kanban concepts
  • Overview of 7 Kanban Cadences
  • Daily Stand-up Meeting
  • Replenishment Meeting
  • Board designs (including Personal Kanban)
  • WIP limits
  • Batching and Flow
  • Types of Risk
  • Kanban board design exercise
  • Service delivery workflow Kanban
  • Proto-Kanban versus full Kanban System
  • Benefits of extending Kanban up/down workflow

Register your interest today to start your Kanban for SAP training

If you’re interested in improving agility within your SAP delivery team and would like to attend this course, please complete an expression of interest below, stating whether you’d prefer to attend an open course or a dedicated team training programme and we'll be in touch with the next availability.

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