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How optimising your SAP ECC system can help to reduce cost - even if you’re moving to S/4

Optimise your SAP ECC system to reduce costs

This is part of our "8 ways to reduce costs in SAP series". You can return to the first article here.

Start an ECC inventory so that you can declutter and clear the pathway for the process improvements your business demands

Resulting are one of the only organisations in the UK that have had some real success in helping companies with their S/4 business case. We have worked with a number of clients who were struggling and used our model to help them.

When SAP decided to extend standard support to 2027 and extended support until 2030 in February, this resulted in many companies deferring their S/4 migration. With Covid-19, any plans for migration were largely put on ice. The issue is that waiting another 5-10 years to improve your platform isn’t the answer.

Your business will continue to demand change in ECC – especially different business models as a result of a changing world.

Now is the time to address the inventory in your existing SAP system and start the long, steady background path to S/4 or something else.

Knowing which business processes you carry out today is going to be crucial to getting more value from your ECC system for the next 5-10 years and making the move to S/4 simpler.

Take an ECC inventory – what is used and where? How does custom code underpin your business processes?

  • Understand what you have in ECC (what it does including custom code)
  • Understand what is coming in S/4 (new functionality)
  • Create a roadmap and start to simplify the what you have
  • Look at best-of-breed solutions that address some of today’s issues today

As part of this you need to understand and reduce your technical debt, uncover and capture business workarounds where we are wasting time in the business, look for areas where you can improve the user interface or build composite applications that will not only solve an SAP transaction problem but will make someone’s life in the business easier and slicker. You should also prepare for use of API’s. The world of modern technology including S/4 is API-based not the old SAP world of big bulky overnight batch jobs and IDOC based interfaces.

If you want to take stock of what is in your SAP system or see what is new in S/4 in a visual way, speak to us or come and see what FusionGraph can do for you.

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