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Sherpa - SAP Advisory on Demand

Vital support
when you need it most.

Sherpa is a different type of advisory service for leaders like you who are asked to take a leading role on your company's SAP programme.

Avoid SAP Programme catastrophe.

SAP programmes are notoriously expensive.

50 SAP consultants at £1,000 per day will cost you around £1m per month. 

Just 1 day’s slippage will cost you an extra £50k.

On your SAP journey, you’ll be faced with decisions which could conspire to throw you off course.  Decisions you’ve never had to make before.  Decisions that are vital to your success.

Your Sherpa will provide the kind of independent, unbiased advice that your SI simply can’t.


SAP programme advisory

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5 Decisive Decisions for SAP Success - Case Study

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5 Decisive Decisions for SAP Success - Case Study