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Nicola Harrison

Nicola Harrison SAP Project Manager

Principal Consultant

Nicola spent the first half of her career supporting a range of clients through their SAP journeys. As a senior member of several SAP consultancy practices she delivered full implementations and support organisations. Nicola then progressed into managing organisations though non SAP and, often, non technical, transformations including organisational restructures, system selections, IT strategies and factory build. With such a wide expertise and industry experience Nicola has gained her reputation for delivering the toughest pieces of work.

Career in bullets

  • 15 years of SAP Implementations & Client support
  • SAP Management team - Consulting Industry
  • Head of SAP Service Delivery - Consulting Industry
  • 15 years of non SAP related Business Transformation Programme Management across technologies and non-technology
  • Interim head of IT Operations - Museums and Institutions Industry


  • Implemented Financial software across 5 National Museums in 9 months
  • Built a new factory within an existing, high security paper printing, operation and relocated heavy machinery from another plant, within budget
  • Developed and implemented ICT strategy for an international pharmaceutical company
  • STEM Ambassador in the North West
  • Mentoring and educating in Project Management
  • Governor for Sale Grammar School