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Resulting provides independent associates to KPMG's SAP teams

I had a number of specific resource requirements who had project delivery experience in BI Retail MDM and HANA - Resulting responded quickly to my needs and provided a number of high quality resources.

Jeff Ball - SAP Retail Project Manager


About KPMG

KPMG is one of the largest professional services companies in the world and one of the Big Four auditors. With a global headquarters located in Amstelveen, Netherlands, KPMG employs 145,000 people across three lines of service - audit, tax, and advisory. Its advisory services are further divided into three service groups – Management Consulting, Risk Consulting, and Transactions & Restructuring.

KPMG's SAP Challenge

KPMG's challenge Like many large consulting firms, KPMG have a fixed resource pool who tend to be highly utilised. Because of their reputation for delivering high quality consulting and advisory services, KPMG are frequently approached by clients to deliver discrete pieces of consulting work from their SAP advisory practice. Due to the unpredictable nature of this work, KPMG need rapid access to 'Big 4' experienced consultants who can augment their existing teams and seamlessly slot into roles within consulting engagements.

Resulting Solution

Resulting works with KPMG on certain SAP advisory engagements to provide 'white label' consulting resource - who can integrate quickly and seamlessly with existing consultants to deliver KPMG services. Because Resulting consultants are well versed in working with and alongside large consulting firms, they can quickly establish themselves as a credible member of the team and begin adding value on day 1.

Benefits Delivered

  • Enables KPMG to be more responsive to client needs by providing fully staffed teams
  • Seamless integration with existing consultants and methodologies with strong client facing skills
  • More flexible than independent contractors with the backup and assurance afforded by a niche consulting firm
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