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Instant SAP Teams

Sometimes you just need
a SAP team to turn up
and deliver.

Not ones and twos pulling in different directions.

A cohesive group of people who know what needs to be done and how to do it.

That's Instant SAP from Resulting.


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SAP Project Overseen by big 4 experts

SAP Project teams
with Guardian Angels

Hiring 6 SAP consultants from 4 different recruitment agencies is like Brownian Motion in your business - with everyone pulling in different directions.

With a Resulting Instant SAP Team, you also get the Air Cover of a former-Big 4 Director - who'll ensure the team pulls in the same direction towards your outcomes.

And, because all of our people are consultants we’ve worked with directly, or who we can directly reference with somebody we’ve worked with, the team performs as a cohesive group.

We’ve lived, breathed and slept with Enterprise Tech for 20 years so we'll also have a good handle on what you’re trying to achieve from the get-go.

And that really matters.

Will your next SAP Project hit the ground running ?

Build your SAP team from individuals and your risk of failure increases.

You need an experienced team who know how to work together.

How to deal with SAP S/4HANA skills shortages?

Will You Survive The S/4HANA Skills Apocalypse? S/4HANA Skills Research

In the report "Will You Survive the S/4 Skills Apocalypse" we look at how an ageing SAP workforce and outsource trends in the 2000s have created an SAP skills shortage that threatens to up-end the industry.

Read the research and 5 steps you can take to survive the skills shortage by downloading the guide today.

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