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How to put wasteful data on ice to reduce the cost of your SAP solution

Archiving old SAP data

This is part of our "8 ways to reduce costs in SAP series". You can return to the first article here.

In Part 6 of our series of ways to cut SAP running costs we discuss why you should consider Data Glaciers for your legacy applications.

Data itself is also inventory and can be a source of waste.

If you have not already done it, you should run a SAP Data Volume Management exercise. If you have SAP Solution Manager or Enterprise support, this is included, and it will tell you where you have wasteful data.

The obvious next step will be to look at archiving, but this can be complex, costly and it is also a distraction. It requires planning, thinking, functional expertise, and business involvement. It is not a trivial exercise and not something that the business sees any benefit from.

Also, if you don’t have a clear S/4 Roadmap, you may find that you are archiving things now that you are going to get rid of anyway.

Recently we have been working with a number of customers to review their legacy apps and what they are paying to license, run and support these systems just to access data.

Did you know that there are cost-effective solutions available that allow you to cold-store this data? This allows you to get rid of the license requirement and put a web-based user interface on the front end that will allow you to access the transactional data for any reason such as a warranty claim or a freedom of information request.

Data Glacier models are a viable alternative to archiving and a potential ‘Bluefield’ alternative for a future S/4 move.

Take a data inventory and consider where you can offload cold data now and on your future SAP journey. Transactional Archiving isn’t the only solution.

If you want help to reduce the cost of managing your legacy data and applications, come and talk to us about reducing SAP costs.


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