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Demystify S/4HANA with S/4Sight

Finally - a simple way to understand what’s different in SAP S/4HANA

SAP are telling customers they must move to S/4HANA before the 2025 end of support deadline for ECC.

But, if you’re like most SAP customers, what you know about S/4HANA ends there.

  • 63% of SAP customers don’t know what’s different in S/4HANA
  • 75% don't know what has been simplified
  • 80% don’t know what’s been completely removed from S/4HANA

S/4Sight can help.


So how can you build your S/4 business case?

Just like the SAP Simplification Item Catalogue, the Fiori App Library and the What’s New Viewer are too dense and provide too much information for the average user.

The problem is, you can’t build your business case for S/4HANA without understanding what’s changed, which means you need to interpret the information in these complex documents. That’s where S/4Sight comes in.

Affordable S/4HANA education

All of SAP's published information in one online tool

S/4Sight takes all of the data from the SAP Simplification Item Catalogue, the Fiori App Library, and the What’s New Viewer and visualises it as an easy to understand graph.

The data follows a logical structure that will be familiar to all SAP users, and you have the ability to search and filter to find the exact information you need in an instant.

Affordable S/4HANA education

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Search and filter S/4HANA release information

Search and filter

S/4Sight can search, filter and visualise what’s different in S/4HANA in a clear, intuitive way - so that you can explore features and obstacles with your business.

SAP release data presented in a simple way

Logical and easy to use

Identify new Fiori Apps, including Transactional Fiori Apps, Analytical Fiori Apps, and Reuse Components - all visualised and relating to each functional area.

Speed up S/4HANA business case creation

Accelerated discovery

Visualise the S/4HANA Simplification Item Catalog - breaking the 900 page PDF contents into digestible components.

All SAP's release information in one place

Codifies SAP's published data

See information from the Simplification Item Catalogue, The Fiori App Library and the What's New Viewer in one place.

Easily explore what's new and what's changed in S/4HANA

Explore by module

Non Fiori - Identify new and improved SAP GUI Transactions by module

Up to date SAP release information

Always up to date

Identify which S/4 functionality has been added, changed and deleted with each new release of S/4.

How to build your business case for SAP S/4HANA

Webinar: How to build your business case for SAP S/4HANA

Join Stuart Browne and Former Gartner SAP Research Director Dr Derek Prior as they explore how you can build an effective business case for SAP S/4HANA.

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