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PMO services for SAP

A poor PMO offers little
more than the admin.

Spreadsheets and Slides, right?

But a great PMO acts as a trusted advisor, a standards enforcer and the heartbeat of delivery.

Invest in a great PMO and you'll deliver your next SAP or S/4HANA project on time, on budget and on value.

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Resulting SAP PMO is the glue that holds your project together

SAP PMO done properly

Resulting PMO services are built on experience. Our PMO Leads come from Big 4 backgrounds and bring the knowledge and authority required to deliver anything from a small project to complex global SAP template deployment.

We provide the lubrication that keeps your delivery engine running and the glue that binds everyone together.

And, because we're independent, your PMO won't take sides. We'll hold SAP, your Systems Integrator, your SAP contractors and most importantly, your own people accountable for the standards required to be a success with SAP.

Just 36% of SAP Projects keep to their original plan

Increase your chances of SAP success with a high performing PMO that ensures you don't become just another statistic.

RAID vs RAAIDD log infographic SAP PMO How to Guide


Everyone has heard of a RAID Log - but what about RAAIDD? Find out why it is important to track assumptions and dependencies alongside your usual RAID items in this infographic.

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