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PMO services for SAP

Does your SAP PMO
have teeth?

If your PMO lacks bite,
your SAP delivery will suffer.
And so will your business case.

Structure of an SAP PMO

If people don’t listen when your PMO lead speaks, you don’t have a PMO.

High performing SAP programmes have PMOs with gravitas. They're respected by everyone - from your Systems Integrator to your C-Suite.

When they talk, people listen.

When they say jump, people ask "how high?"

If your SAP PMO is simply an admin function,
you're missing the control and visibility
that's required to be successful.

How to set up a PMO for SAP projects

How to make your SAP System Integrator more accountable

Because we're independent, your PMO won't take sides. We'll hold SAP, your Systems Integrator, your SAP contractors and most importantly, your own people accountable for the standards
required to be a success with SAP.

I'm interested in talking about this.

Sherpa Guidebook for SAP S/4HANA Leaders

Find out how you can reduce your risk with the benefit of Sherpa - our unique support service for business leaders who are asked to take a leading role on their company's ERP programme.

Sherpa Guidebook for SAP S/4HANA Leaders