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Greg Ellis

Greg Ellis Resulting Staff Headshot

Product Developer

Greg has been building websites and apps for nearly 10 years. Initially self-taught, he started coding from scratch before the dawn of helper-platforms, giving him a deep understanding of how everything works.

He studied Linux server administration and completed a software degree at Liverpool John Moores University that covered client & server-side programming. This has enabled him to deliver all aspects of a modern web application, something often referred to as a full-stack developer.

Greg has repeatedly developed database and infrastructure solutions, along with all the back-end and front-end programming that is required for dozens of projects, and is helping the development team at Resulting deliver their grand-vision for some disruptive applications built on the latest technologies.

Career in bullets

  • Product Developer - Resulting IT
  • App Developer - Self Employed
  • Ecommerce Manager - Medical Industry
  • Full Stack Web Developer - Digital Agency
  • Foreign Language Teacher - Chaoyang School, Beijing
  • Design Coordinator - Support Services Industry


  • A Wechsler IV average of 138
  • Raised £10,000 for mental health charities
  • Founded, the 2nd largest LGBT employment NPO