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ECC Value Now Kaizen

You’ve invested a lot
in your SAP ECC system.

Despite the drawbacks, it’s what runs your business.

But now it’s time to move to S/4 HANA, right?

Maybe not so fast...

How to get more out of ECC delay S/4

An S/4HANA migration is going to be an expensive distraction for many.

Let’s face it, you weren’t sat there waiting for an in-memory database to replace the one you run now and a few table changes.

What if you could invest your time and money getting the most out of the ECC asset you have today?

What if you could improve business processes and performance without the distraction of a big, expensive S/4HANA programme?

What is the benefit of in Memory Database?
why bother S/4 HANA

ECC Value Now Sprints.

Instead, you can quickly establish how your business processes could be improved today using the SAP solution you already have.

What’s more, you can do this in quick, agile sprints that can be delivered in isolation to reduce cost, disruption and change management effort.

Rapid, fact-based SAP assessment

Using our proven Business Process Optimization Catalogue, we quickly assess where you can focus your limited budget for the biggest upside.

We’ll zone-in on workarounds, process gaps and all of the annoying stuff that your business users have tolerated for years in ECC.

Plus, our Adoption Analytics report will identify which groups of users are following non-standard processes.

What are we using in SAP ECC
continuous improvement with SAP

Continuous Kaizen Improvement.

Together, we plan out a series of sprints and tackle them in sequence to deliver dopamine hits of value for your business users.

Each sprint is fixed priced and includes all the design thinking, analysis, configuration, testing and adoption assets in a single hit.

We deliver using an agile kanban model and provide complete visibility of improvement activity as we go.

Getting in shape for S/4.

Your ECC Value Now Kaizen will also identify background activities that will get you in better shape for your eventual move to S/4HANA.

Data cleansing, archiving, interface re-alignment, business process documentation and test script improvement (or even automation).

Are we paying too much for SAP

I'm interested in talking about this.

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