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Hire permanent SAP people and underpin SAP skills at the same time

So, you need experienced
SAP people working with
your team. ASAP.

But long term, you want to hire in-house skills.

Interim SAP resources recruit consultants

Underpin your SAP Capability

If you have a tough SAP project to deliver, Underpin provides interim on-demand skills while helping you to build a self-sufficient in-house capability at the same time.

We quickly stand up an experienced team who underpin your knowledge and experience gap.

Alongside delivery, the team meticulously documents knowledge and prepares a knowledge transfer plan.

Hire permanent SAP staff

Handover.  Built in.

As we onboard your permanent staff, we'll provide knowledge transfer and wind down the interim team.

Leaving you self-sufficient at the end of the engagement, with better documentation to boot.

Seamless SAP Knowledge Transfer

I'm interested in talking about this.

On Demand Webinar: The DNA of SAP S/4 Programme Success

There are steps you can take to make your SAP Project successful - but you need to understand the DNA of SAP Project Success to make it happen. 

At Resulting, we’ve run a number of in-depth research projects about what it means to be successful with SAP. 

Join Stuart Browne, MD of Resulting, as he takes a deep dive into our research

On Demand Webinar: The DNA of SAP S/4 Programme Success