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Underpin - Interim on demand SAP skills and resourcing

You need experienced
SAP people, in
your office, ASAP.

But if you go to an SI, they're just going to land and expand.

And a recruiter - well, they don't even understand what skills you're looking for

It's time to try something new.


How to get SAP skills on demand

Find your permanent team

We help you identify, attract and hire long-term permanent resources to replace our interim team. This can comprise both experienced SAP consultants and less experienced apprentice or graduate hires.

Uniquely, we do not charge for helping you hire permanent resources – saving you £10k-£15k per person in recruitment fees alone.

We'll provide knowledge transfer and wind down the interim team, leaving you self-sufficient at the end of the engagement, with better documentation to boot.

Find your permanent SAP team
How to deal with SAP S/4HANA skills shortages?

Will You Survive The S/4HANA Skills Apocalypse? S/4HANA Skills Research

In the report "Will You Survive the S/4 Skills Apocalypse" we look at how an ageing SAP workforce and outsource trends in the 2000s have created an SAP skills shortage that threatens to up-end the industry.

Read the research and 5 steps you can take to survive the skills shortage by downloading the guide today.

Download Report