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SAP CoE Maturity Plan

Have you got the wrong
end of the SAP stick?

If you think an SAP Centre of Excellence is about IT support, you've not only got the wrong end of the stick.

You've got the wrong stick.

8 Tell-tale symptoms that you need a better SAP Centre of Excellence

  • Business people are frustrated with SAP
  • SAP projects and releases are slow
  • The 'business' and 'IT' operate as separate entities
  • You have master data problems
  • Key business processes are inefficient due to SAP
  • You're spending too much on SAP with no real benefits
  • It's not really clear who's responsible for what across SAP projects and support
  • You’re too dependent on external consultancies and contractors
  • You sometimes hear people say 'I don't see why we need a Centre of Excellence'

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S4 HANA Centre of Excellence Best Practice

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The Ultimate SAP CoE Centre of Excellence Toolkit

The SAP CoE Toolkit takes all the information from our SAP Centre of Excellence Ultimate Guide and lets you download it for free to refer to at any time.

The Ultimate SAP CoE Centre of Excellence Toolkit