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SAP Centre of Excellence Design

Have you got the wrong
end of the stick?

If you think an SAP Centre of Excellence is about IT support, you've not only got the wrong end of the stick.

You've got the wrong stick.

When the project team go home, your SAP Centre of Excellence is where the magic happens, where adoption kicks in and where benefits start to appear.


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S4 HANA Centre of Excellence Best Practice

8 Tell-tale symptoms that you need a better SAP Centre of Excellence

  • Business people are frustrated with SAP
  • SAP projects and releases are slow
  • The 'business' and 'IT' operate as separate entities
  • You have master data problems
  • Key business processes are inefficient due to SAP
  • You're spending too much on SAP with no real benefits
  • It's not really clear who's responsible for what across SAP projects and support
  • You sometimes hear people say 'I don't see why we need a Centre of Excellence'

Excellence or Mediocrity?

Whether you're just implementing S/4 or have an existing SAP system in place, a mature Centre of Excellence is crucial to your business performance.

In a 1 day SAP Centre of Excellence Workshop, we benchmark your existing organisation against the Resulting CoE best practice model and produce a simple, practical CoE Roadmap for your future SAP success.

How to create an SAP Customer Competency Center

5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP Centre of Excellence

If you run SAP you've probably invested millions in your solution.

But business benefits rarely materialise at go-live. It takes time and effort to really make your SAP solution sing. And that's where a good SAP Centre of Excellence comes in.

  • Find out what a Centre of Excellence is and why you really need one.
  • Learn the 5 Big Mistakes people always make when setting up their SAP CoE that serve to undermine business performance.
  • 46 pages of insight and experience that will enable you to improve your chances of SAP success
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