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SAP Adoption Services

70 year-olds use
iPads and Facebook

So why are people half their age struggling to adopt SAP ?

People adopt technology because they know what was in it for them, not because you produced thousands of training assets.

What's your SAP adoption strategy ?


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Want to increase your chances of SAP success?

If you're looking to achieve real business results from your SAP system, adoption is the only thing that matters.

45% of SAP customers said there was insufficient focus on business adoption.

alternative to brownfield greenfield S4 HANA

Don't migrate to S/4HANA

At the UKISUG conference in November 2018 we ran a live research session led by Derek Prior on customer attitudes to S/4. The research zoned in on 4 of the SAP success Levers from our SAP Success Report with an S/4 lens.

This resulting research report entitled ‘Don’t implement S/4 HANA until you have read this research’ takes the pulse of 50 motivated SAP customers and plays back the consensus of their attitude towards S/4.

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