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SAP Licence Optimisation Service for ECC and S/4HANA

Is your SAP licence audit painful?

We know, but getting it wrong could be painfully expensive.

And, with Indirect Access, Digital Access and new SAP licencing models for S/4, licensing isn’t going to get simpler any time soon.

SAP GRC Licensing

How often do you optimise your SAP licences?

If you’re like most SAP customers, you have a stressful period every year when SAP requests a license audit.   

But what do you do in the interim?

How much better might your SAP licence audit be if you adopted a continuous licence optimisation model?

SAP Licensing Issues

How can I reduce my SAP licence exposure?

Using leading edge cloud-based analytics tools, and 10+ years of SAP licence audit experience, our SAP Licence Optimisation Service comprises 3 services.

  • Licence Usage Analysis - monitor transactional usage of every user modelled against your current SAP licence model, automatically categorising users into Professional vs. Limited Professional based on the transactions they use.
  • Licence Optimization - identify which users can be reclassified to a lower tier to reduce cost.  Identify outliers where users may have access to transactions but not actually use them in production.
  • Report - produce thorough, evidence based reports for your SAP licence audit so that the discussion with SAP is rooted in fact.
SAP Licensing Risk

How much can I save using
Ongoing SAP Licence Optimisation?

Reclassifying just 1 user from Professional to Limited Professional results in maintenance saving of £700 per year.

If you have 2,500 users and just 5% are misallocated, the annual saving is close to £90,000.

This saving pails into insignificance compared to the risk of getting SAP licensing wrong.

AB InBev settled out of court at $600m for their Indirect Access dispute with SAP.

Make sure you’re prepared if that phone rings.

Reduce Cost through SAP Licensing Optimisation

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FusionGraph - Visualising What's New In S/4HANA

The S/4sight Knowledge Base enables you to visualize what's new, what's changed, and what's been removed in every release of SAP S/4HANA to help you increase your product knowledge and build your business case for S/4.

FusionGraph - Visualising What's New In S/4HANA