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SAP Knowledge Assurance

Could the last person to leave please turn the lights off ?

With an ageing workforce and SAP skills becoming scarcer now than they were in 1997, it's critical that your people know how your SAP system works.

Hope isn't strategy when
it comes to SAP knowledge

Retaining SAP people is getting harder. The lure of new technologies and the spectre of an ageing workforce is driving higher rates of churn.

An independent SAP knowledge audit provides:
  • Quantifiable knowledge levels and gaps.
  • Prioritised knowledge transfer plans.
  • Structured knowledge transfer during programmes, outsourcing and insourcing.
  • Greater confidence in your business continuity plans.
  • Ability to size, restructure or optimise SAP delivery teams with confidence.
  • Objective measurement your SAP skills and knowledge.
how to transfer knowledge in-house SAP

I'm interested in talking about this.

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