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Replacing SAP GRC with cheaper and better alternatives

SAP’s Governance Risk and Compliance tool solves a number of important business problems.

But, like many of SAP’s solutions, it is complex and expensive to run.

So what’s the alternative to GRC?

SAP GRC Licensing

Is SAP GRC about security and user provisioning?

GRC has its roots in the space of providing and managing user access within an SAP environment. This includes role provisioning and the whole processes of managing movers, joiners and leavers.

But despite these origins, GRC has evolved to solve a broader business problem.

SAP Governance Risk Compliance Security

The alternative to SAP GRC

ProfileTailor Dynamics provides a low-cost and functionality rich alternative to SAP GRC.  It covers all of the standard GRC 10 functionality and offers a number of additional features not available in the standard SAP product, including a web based user interface which is intuitive and easy to use.
What’s more, ProfileTailor Dynamics is fast to implement and doesn’t require specialist SAP GRC resources (or managed services) to operate.

ProfileTailor Dynamics uses AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to provide continuous controls monitoring, identifying specific security threats based on individual user behaviour profiles. It continually monitors and records the real-time activity of every SAP user and provides automatic alerts if an activity, or combination of activities, violates defined business rules.

As well as comparing a user's behaviour against their own 'typical' behaviour,  ProfileTailor Dynamics also compares their behaviour against others from their department or against others with equivalent roles within their department.

SAP GRC Alternatives

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