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SAP Centre of Excellence Assessment

Centre of Excellence
is a terrible term.

But Centre of Mediocrity
doesn’t have the same impact.

SAP Centre of Excellence Maturity Assesment

SAP Centre of what?

Most people who think they want an SAP Centre of Excellence haven’t considered what "Excellence" means.

In fact, most haven’t even thought through the scope of activity that their SAP CoE should actually deliver.

Does it sit in IT or the business?  Who runs it?  Do we outsource everything?

Centre of Excellence

Track Tested SAP CoE Maturity Assessment

This proven assessment has been developed over 20 years and involves:

  • Orientation session to discuss your current situation and challenges
  • 30 point online assessment via our Compass platform sent to key IT and Business stakeholders
  • Presentation of Centre of Excellence best practice models.
  • Guided playback of consolidated assessments, showing maturity vs. best practice, exploring where different stakeholder views of maturity vary.
  • Joint selection of 5-7 critical areas from the best practice CoE framework that should improve first.
  • Deep dive discussion into these areas to define an action plan.

The sessions can be run face-to-face or remotely.

Get your SAP CoE Assessed

I'm interested in talking about this.

5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP Centre of Excellence

If you run SAP you've probably invested millions in your solution.

But business benefits rarely materialise at go-live. It takes time and effort to really make your SAP solution sing. And that's where a good SAP Centre of Excellence comes in.

  • Find out what a Centre of Excellence is and why you really need one.
  • Learn the 5 Big Mistakes people always make when setting up their SAP CoE that serve to undermine business performance.
  • 46 pages of insight and experience that will enable you to improve your chances of SAP success
5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP Centre of Excellence