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SAP Vendor Management Service

Why is ERP so hard?

Most of the problems with ERP solutions are a result of a breakdown in communication between you
and your technology partner.

And, like any strained relationship,
you sometimes need a little outside help
to get back on track.

SAP vendor management

You’re probably not talking the same language.

Systems Integrators and Outsourcers understand this complex world of SAP really well.  It's their business.

And you understand your business really well, because that’s your business.

Trouble is, things get a little lost in translation along the way, resulting in dumb decisions, scope gaps, misunderstandings and commercial strain.

Bad cases end in court. Most simply end in tatters.

turn around failing SAP project

Choose Small or XL.

Our input can be as simple as running a cursory eye over the scope of a contract to point out the gotchas.

Or, as comprehensive as running your vendor management function as a service so that you can focus on the critical stuff you’ve got to do.

SAP Vendor Management

I'm interested in talking about this.

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