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Agile Delivery for SAP

Agile is the cool kid
on the block, right?

And, your SAP projects are always late or slow. So, naturally, you want to run Agile with SAP.

But everyone tells you that Agile doesn't work with SAP...

How to become more Agile with SAP

Common questions we're asked about Agile for SAP...

  • How do I run Agile on SAP projects?
  • Is there an Agile Methodology for SAP?
  • Is Agile even possible with SAP?
  • Can we run Agile within Waterfall on SAP projects?
  • Is SAP Activate for S/4 the right Agile approach?

We have a simple response...

s4 HANA agile expertise

Start by getting more Agile with SAP first.

SAP Projects are traditionally waterfall. But it is possible to be 'more agile' with SAP delivery if you follow a few simple rules...

  • Be clear on SAP release scope from the outset.
  • Design and build releasable bundles of SAP functionality.
  • Invest time in understanding SAP integration points and bundle accordingly.
  • Make sure you have the right SAP environment strategy and release strategy in place.
  • Shift to Kanban as a SAP delivery model, using that to manage activity first.

You can read more about Agile for SAP here.

How to move to Agile for SAP
s4 HANA agile expertise

Product Owners vs. Process Owners in a SAP world?

Above all, remember that SAP is a big-box of business processes.  You implemented it to deliver process performance and business value.

Product Management is great where there’s uncertainty, something new to build, a Minimum Viable Product that paying customers will help you iterate.

Process Ownership is required where there’s certainty.  You have a strategy to follow, business processes to run, KPIs to hit, and compliance needs.

You need certainty.

I'm interested in talking about this.

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