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Agile Delivery for SAP

Agile is the cool kid
on the block, right?

And, your SAP projects are always late or slow.

So, naturally, you want to run Agile with SAP.

But everyone is telling you that Agile doesn't work with SAP...


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Getting started with Agile for SAP

SAP Projects are traditionally waterfall. But it is possible to be 'more agile' with SAP delivery if you follow a few simple rules...

  • Be clear on scope from the outset
  • Design and build bundles of functionality
  • Invest time in understanding integration points and bundle accordingly
  • Make sure you have the right environment strategy and release strategy in place
  • Shift to Kanban as a delivery model, and use that to manage scope delivery first
How to move to Agile for SAP

Confused about Agile SAP delivery?

71% of SAP customers want to be more agile when migrating to S/4 HANA

But 50% don't know which methodology they'll use


Running Kanban PMO on an SAP Project for Agile SAP project management

Avtar Davatwal of Resulting SAP PMO speaks to Derek Prior, former Gartner Research Director about how Kanban can be used in your PMO for SAP as a practical way to implement a more agile SAP delivery model.