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SAP Success Benchmark

Honestly, what are your
chances of SAP success?

With so many players in your SAP ecosystem, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

And, because everyone has a slightly different agenda, an independent honest appraisal can be hard to come by.

That’s why we offer independent SAP programme success benchmarking.

We assess your SAP delivery capability against our Resultology framework to highlight where you need to focus your attention.  Then, we help you create a plan that will increase your chances of SAP success.

Or, you can leave your hard earned millions to chance.

risk of SAP programme investment failing

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The SAP Programme Success Benchmark is quick, painless and inexpensive.

Yet it provides insightful direction into the difference between failure and success of your SAP investment - no matter where you are in your journey. 

The Resultology SAP Success Benchmark also serves as a holistic orientation tool for your SAP project team - ensuring that nothing is in your blindspot and that you leave nothing to chance.

Our clients have found that a Resultology review at key programme stage gates gets everyone on the same page, pointed in the same direction with eyes on a common goal.

"If you run SAP, it's the best 2 days you'll ever invest."

The investment you'll make in your SAP system is likely to run in to tens of millions.

Get it right and the payback in terms of business benefits is vast. Get it wrong and you're heading for real trouble.

A Resultology SAP Success Benchmark represents a 2 day investment from your core team. We poll a range of people across your business from 6 key personas (the roles that we've discovered are the most critical to realising your business case).  They respond to a short, tailored survey that takes less than 1 hour.

Then, we spend a full (but intense) day with your team to review the results and run a deep-dive review across 15 research-based SAP Success Levers and a total of 77 SAP Success Maturity Measures.

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The secret to running a successful SAP implementation - 2018 SAP Success Report

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