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Client-Side Advisory for SAP Consultancies

If you're an SAP consulting firm, one of the big unknowns is the competency of the customer you're facing off to.

Although you're responsible for delivery, you can only play with the cards you're dealt.

Resulting provides experienced client-side interims who ensure that you're having sensible, practical conversations that result in success.


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Client-side SAP advisory

Resulting's SAP experts work client-side to influence and educate key stakeholders so that they make better decisions that will allow the implementation to run smoothly.

We educate them on what's important - be that technology, programme structure or practicalities - creating better engagement from business sponsors that ultimately helps to build a strong working relationship with you.

We become the oil in the machine instead of the usual grit that creates a rift between you and your client.

Resulting help spread SAP best practice

Does your client need help?

How much easier would your SAP project be if your client had more experience?

If their people had been through a programme before and understood the nuances of SAP?

Why SAP S/4HANA Projects Fail

The SAP Success Report

Uncovering the factors that underpin successful SAP programmes.

A 40 page Research Report produced in conjunction with Dr Derek Prior (former Gartner Research Director)

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