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Big 4 Big Hitters
in your team
on your side.

Systems Integrators have ‘big hitters’.

Experienced people who drive plans hard and energise their teams.

They’re great communicators, commercially savvy, technically competent and focused on delivery.

Trouble is, they work supplier side and naturally have their own interests at heart too.  Which is why it sometimes feels a little bit like you're being "done to". 

So, imagine having one of these people working within your team. 

On your side.


Big Hitting SAP consultants independent advice
SAP project success criteria template

Increase your chances
of SAP success. Massively.

A Resultologist is your right-hand.

Your guardian angel. Your foil. The weight off your shoulders.

They’re delivery focused and politically savvy.

They’ve done what you’re doing now before. So they know what’s happening and why. They know what’s coming next and help you pre-empt it.

A Resultologist changes your odds.  Massively.

If you’re an SAP Programme Manager and you need help.

Before you carry even more stress on your own shoulders...

Before you hire any old Project Manager...

Before you ask your SI for another pair of hands...

Before you wave the white flag...

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