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Pilot Group

Pilot Group worked with Resulting on a piece of work to assess our IT Operating Model and it’s fitness for purpose. Working with the Resulting team was a great experience. They achieved our desired outcomes and provided us with strong recommendations for our IT organisation moving forward.

Keith Richardson - Group Finance Director

About Pilot Group

Pilot Group are a group of businesses specialising in energy saving technologies.

Pilot Group's Challenge

Pilot Group are experiencing a number challenges within their current IT provision. This includes how best to utilise their existing technology investment to leverage business growth, what strategic direction they should be taking with their applications suite and what operational IT structure & skills should be supporting the business.

Resulting Solution

Resulting were contracted to perform an Operating model review and provide a clear set of recommendations covering how to start resolving these challenges.

Benefits Delivered

Pilot Group were able to gain clarity of specifically where their IT challenges were manifested and how to move these forward.

Why SAP S/4HANA Projects Fail

The SAP Success Report

Uncovering the factors that underpin successful SAP programmes.

A 40 page Research Report produced in conjunction with Dr Derek Prior (former Gartner Research Director)

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