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SAP Expertise on Demand

Experienced SAP Consultants
in your team

Expertise is everything on an SAP project.

Trouble is, real experts are thin on the ground and mostly work for Systems Integrators.

You could bring in a contractor but they’re hit-and-miss, expensive and generally self-interested.

Expertise on Demand provides access to a pre-selected pool of SAP experts who are either Resulting employees or members of our invitation-only Associate Network Scarce IT.


Where to find SAP skills to work client side
Part time SAP consultants low cost

Flexible, economical SAP resourcing

SAP resources are expensive enough as it is.  So, why should you pay for them 20 days per month for 6 months at a time?

If you don't need SAP skills full-time, we flex up or down with your needs.

Decide on your skill mix, and we'll work together to plan an Expertise on Demand profile to suit your workload.

Ramp down to a retainer when you're quiet and back up to full-time embedded when things are full-on.

Which SAP skills do you need next?

Insights into SAP
success from Resulting

5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP CoE

5 Big Mistakes people make when creating an SAP CoE

Read this 46 page eBook to find out what an SAP Centre of Excellence is and why you really need one. 

Plus, the 5 Big mistakes you should avoid to ensure that your SAP implementation is a success

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