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SAP self-sufficiency insights

Resources from Resulting

The Ultimate SAP CoE Best Practice Guide

Everything you need for your SAP Centre of Excellence

We've distilled 20 years of experience into a simple guide to help SAP customers design, build and optimise their SAP delivery organisations.  

SAP Success Short - SAP Centres of Excellence: Creating a Culture of Success

Nick Coburn talks to Dr Derek Prior about creating a culture that will breed success in your SAP Centre of Excellence.

Success Story: 3 Clever things KCA Deutag does to deliver safe effective and trouble free SAP

Find out how Resulting helped KCA Deutag revitalise their SAP programme to deliver more projects than ever before.

SAP Success Shorts - Selecting SAP Systems integrators

Sean Baber discusses the importance of selecting the right SAP Systems Integrator with Derek Prior, former Gartner Research Director.

SAP Success Shorts - Practical AI and Machine Learning: Do you REALLY need AI?

Rob Hamilton-Smith talks to Dr Derek Prior about AI and if you really need AI in your organisation.

SAP Center of Excellence: 7 ways you can increase the value of your SAP investment

Dr Derek Prior, Former SAP Research Director for Gartner, outlines 7 ways an SAP Centre of Excellence can help you to increase the value of your SAP Investment. 

SAP Success Shorts - The Embedded SAP Business Case

Derek Prior discusses SAP business cases with Nick Coburn.

Insights into SAP
success from Resulting

The secret to running a successful SAP implementation - 2018 SAP Success Report

The secret to running a successful SAP implementation - 2018 SAP Success Report

Uncovering the factors that underpin successful SAP programmes.

A 40 page Research Report produced in conjunction with Dr Derek Prior (former Gartner Research Director)

UK SAP Consultancy Client Side
SAP Consultancy

Learn more about business-side SAP consultancy services.

Independent SAP Advisory Firm UK
SAP Advisory

Benefit from deep SAP experience and improve your SAP maturiy.