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SAP Centre of Excellence Design

Who’s driving your SAP roadmap?

Why should you be thinking about your SAP Centre of Excellence?

Well it’s like this.

If you’ve ever bought a new car, there are certain features and options that really stand out - the DAB Radio, Alloy Wheels and Metallic Paint - but you probably pay little attention to the seat belts and the crumple zones.

It’s the same when people implement SAP - all eyes are on the shiny things and nobody pays attention to what happens when your project team pack up and move on - which is where the SAP Centre of Excellence comes in.

We’ve spent a significant chunk of our careers designing, building, running and optimising SAP Centres of Excellence.

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Agile SAP Centre of Excellence Benchmark

And my SAP Centre of Excellence is important because...?

Because when the implementation team vanish, your SAP CoE is the thing that ensures you deliver on your business case.

The SAP Centre of Excellence is where the magic happens, where adoption kicks in and where benefits start to appear.

Buckle up...

Resulting have designed more SAP Centres of Excellence than any other consulting firm using our proven SAP CoE Accelerator to quickly and comprehensively scope services so that you focus on what really matters.

So, whether your SAP CoE is in-house or outsourced, just launching or 'mature' - our deep expertise will drive out an organisation that will deliver the business value you expected. Contact us, and in 5 minutes, we'll open your eyes to the crucial thing that every other consulting firm has failed to explain about your SAP Centre of Excellence.

Read The Ultimate SAP Centre of Excellence Best Practice Guide


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The Ultimate SAP CoE Best Practice Guide

The Ultimate SAP CoE Best Practice Guide

Everything you need for your SAP Centre of Excellence

We've distilled 20 years of experience into a simple guide to help SAP customers design, build and optimise their SAP delivery organisations.  

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